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For the first time we are extending our boundaries to UAE, bringing the whole world here and making your recruitment process easier.

We are forming a family of all UAE schools and institutions committed to eliminating admissions and international student recruitment obstacles by streamlining the application process.

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How It Works

Step 1

Students filter with options​

Prospective Students filter the list of institution using tuition fee, courses, start date, location and more.​

Step 2

Students Apply to institute​

Students choose a school and program, fill out an application, pay the required fees, and submit the required credentials.​


Step 3

Application quality check​

Before delivering the application to the institute, our quality control staff will examine it and review all of the documents it contains.​

Step 4

Students Get Admission Offer​

The college / institution evaluates the application and issues a letter of acceptance to the students.​

Step 5

Student Applies for Study Permit​

If a visa is required, the Study in UAE team will assist the student in completing the visa application.​

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